2nd Edition RIA Guidelines for Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

RIA Guidelines for Fire and Smoke Damage Repair have been revised and expanded with updated information, new material, and a more extensive glossary. Deemed as a valuable reference tool, the manual defines restorer-client-adjuster relationships and provides a basis for the proper training of estimators, project managers and insurance claims personnel. Utilized by restoration professionals worldwide, the RIA Guidelines address hundreds of issues including water damage, inspections, corrosion, restoration value, clothing and textiles, thermal shock, electronic equipment, sealing & encapsulation, and wall finishes.

  • the  new material on electronics
  • formal appraisals
  • Oriental rugs
  • toxic hazards
  • chimneys & flues
  • X-ray film
  • removing fire odors
  • wood flooring
  • restoring older buildings.

And answers…

When is a wall “clean”?  What procedures are used on antiques? When should corrosion treatments be applied? What does “like kind and quality” really mean?  How cost-effective really is restoration? What is crucial to include for emergency contacts?


Cost Accounting Issues for Damage Repair Contracting

Cost Accounting Issues for Damage Repair Contracting (CADR) is the starting point in RIA’s objective to develop Accounting Standards for Damage Repair Contracting (ASDR). In its 28 pages, the CADR seeks to explain the linkage of damage repair contracting with accounting standards and accepted contract accounting, and project management methods used in the base building and remodeling construction industries.


E-Z Answer Guide

Save the time it takes in searching for a solution to remove stains by knowing how to battle your stain before it attacks. The E-Z Answer Guide offers spot and stain removal guidelines for 38 common spills, including various foods, drinks and household products. At a glance, your employees can provide your customers with step-by-step stain removal solutions and techniques for spills on carpet, upholstery and drapery fabrics.


Leather & Simulated Upholstery Guide

As the demand for correctly cleaning leather and simulated upholstery continues to rise, discover the secrets of success in the Leather & Simulated Leather Upholstery Guide. Using the tested flip chart format, this guide provides swatch samples of the most common leather styles, including both natural and simulated leathers, along with guidance for cleaning and preservation.


Textile and Upholstery Guide

Become an upholstery connoisseur with the Textile and Upholstery Guide. Including more than 35 fabric swatches, each fabric is accompanied by specific information on easy identification and cleaning. Bound in a sturdy, vinyl binder, the Textile and Upholstery Guide is a practical tool for those involved or interested in cleaning operations and customer service.


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