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Speaker Breakout Sessions
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Earn up to 17 hours of continuing education credit by attending the breakout sessions at the International Restoration Convention + Industry Expo.

General Session

Xactware's Pricing Research Process

Wednesday, May 1
10:15 am ---  11:00 am

Mike Fulton, President, Xactware
Greg Pyne, VP, Pricing Solutions, Xactware

Hear from our General Session speakers Mike Fulton and Greg Pyne as they discuss the high level overview about Xactware’s Pricing Research Process and how you can participate.

Have a question for Mike and Greg? Submit your question.

Please be aware that RIA, Mike Fulton, and Greg Pyne will not discuss the specifics for pricing in a specific market for a specific item.  RIA explicitly condemns any discussion of price setting, setting labor rates, price fixing or any other conversation that may be interpreted as a breaking the antitrust laws.



Breakout Sessions

Three Tracks to Enhance Your Skills

The following sessions will be held during our Annual Convention + Industry Expo on Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2. Sessions will be categorized into three breakout tracks, led by experts and practitioners. 

*Sessions that will have an immediate impact on your business. These multiple part breakout sessions will allow attendees to walk away with actionable tactics to implement in their business.

Track: Operations/HR

Expanding Locations

Wednesday, May 1
3:10 pm ---  4:10 pm

Dave Baxter, President, Baxter Restoration
John Capponi, Operations and Management Consultant, BDA
Ben Looper, CEO, Southeast Restoration
Holly Murry, Vice President; FRSTeam

If you’re looking to expand your business, this is the session for you. Our panel discussionwill help you understand when the timing is right, what to account for and how best to navigate the complexity of expansion and grow your business.


*Is Company Culture Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Thursday, May 2
2:30 pm ---  3:30 pm

Russ Palmer, Owner, Titan Restoration

Learn how Titan Restoration incorporates workforce engagement strategies to create and improve company culture in the restoration industry. Join Russ and Rachel as they explore how measuring and tracking an employee first culture can contribute to overall company success and how they handle travel, PTO, and employee career paths. You will walk away with actionable strategies to plan for the future. 


Transparency and Control---  A Better Operation Model

Thursday, May 2
2:30 pm ---  3:30 pm

Paul Donald, Co-Founder and CEO, Encircle

Explore ways to operate your business in a more transparent and trust-driven environment. Paul will present his unique view of the global insurance and contractor landscape and identify trends, including opportunities for contractors to improve margins, reduce overhead, and become restoration experts to the insurance industry. He will share firsthand how this new model of insurance and restoration cooperation drives faster decision-making, improved customer service, and reduced cycle time resulting in both parties increasing profitability.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the global insurance and contractor landscape
  • Learn about trends that are impacting the industry and how they can be leveraged to
    improve your business operations
  • Discover how to operate in a transparent and trust-driven business 

Track: Sales

*Building a Successful Sales Plan – Part 1

Wednesday, May 1
3:10 pm ---  4:10 pm

Jeff Brettell, Executive CRM Division Leader, Next Gear Solutions

The first of this two-part session will focus on the building blocks of an effective sales plan. Participants will take a workshop approach to identifying their company’s focus, marketing,
sales strategy and forecasting.


*Building a Successful Sales Plan – Part II

Wednesday, May 1
4:20 pm ---  5:20 pm

Jeff Brettell, Executive CRM Division Leader, Next Gear Solutions

Building on items from Part I, the second of this two-part session will focus on defining the sales process and identifying the right goals and KPIs for your plan. You will need to have completed Part I for this session to be effective.

If you plan to attend the Building a Successful Sales Plan sessions, please review the breakout sessions handouts to prepare. 


Everyday Restorers

Wednesday, May 1
4:20 pm ---  5:20 pm

John Browning, CR, CPPA, Vendor Manager and Large Loss Technical Adviser
Josh Smith, CR, WLS, CMP, Technical Director, PHC Restoration
Penny Tralau, CR, WLS, CMP, Mould Boss, Mould Rescue Pty Ltd. 

Want to gain an inside look at RIA’scertification programs? In this session, three RIA higher level certificate holders will provide insight from their own experience going through the program and how attaining these designations has benefited their career.

Learning Outcomes

  • An inside look at the certification programs, including preparation, cost and time, from a personal experience
  • How earning the certifications has impacted their work practices and set them apart from their competitors
  • Explore how to be the ideal candidate to maximize success
  • Learn why these individuals obtained these certificates


Restoration Rescue

Thursday, May 2
3:45 pm ---  4:45 pm

Kris Rzesnoski, Vice President of Business Development, Encircle
Jaclyn Carpenter, CEO, Ideal Restoration, Inc.

Growing a business is never easy. Having the discipline and experience to make the right decisions at the right time will keep you pointed in the right direction. Join Kris and Jaclyn as they take you on a personal journey of running a restoration business and share the ups and down their businesses faced. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that could cost you everything. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the highs and lows of owning and operating your own business
  • Discover what to look for to prevent potential pitfalls and mistakes


Track: Technical

CLO2 Now Available for Restoration Contractor Pros

Thursday, May 2
3:45 pm ---  4:45 pm

Dr. Bernie Lorenz, Chief Science Officer

Learn about the latest about CLO2 and its use in the restoration industry. 


The Contents Quandary

Wednesday, May 1
4:20 pm ---  5:20 pm

Sean Carter, Contents Manager, Calgary Contents
Ramona Gallagher, Owner, Great Estates Inventory
Mike O’Donnell, 
General Manager, O’Donnell Bros
Melanie Trach, Contents Appraiser, SPECS Speciality Content Evaluation
Jay Van Deusen, General Manager, Rainbow International

Trends in personal property/contents are leaning towards full service perspective. In this session, learn what trends insurance companies, TPA’s, Contents Specialists and the insured are looking for to best satisfy their individual needs. Representatives from each group will field questions from a moderator and the audience about challenges and successes in settling the increasingly complicated contents claims.


Professionalism in the Drying Industry

Thursday, May 2
2:30 pm ---  3:30 pm

Chris LaneyPresident, Water Out
Ben JustesenPresident, Enlightened Restoration Solutions
Parker Olson
President, Parker Construction LLC

Attend this session and you will walk away with a better understanding of what it means to be a true professional in the drying industry. Learn from industry experts how they exhibit professionalism in their work, client and employee relationships. Hear how the panelist address communication, documentation and leadership issues that plague many companies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Address the growing concerns of professionalism in restoration
  • Review documentation and communication best practices

Have a question for our panel? Submit a question for our panel here.


*Determine Your Own Budget With Xactimate

Wednesday, May 1
3:10 pm ---  4:10 pm

Ben Justesen, President, Enlightened Restoration Solutions

Learn the basics of how to determine labor rates and specific budget percentages for each trade to achieve your goal for Net Profit.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Determine labor rates
  • Budget percentages per trade
  • Xactimate tips


*Documenting Claims in 3D with Matterport

Thursday, May 2
3:45 pm ---  4:45 pm

Seth Harrison, Associate Director, Actionable Insights
Mark Whatley, President, Actionable Insights 

Learn how groundbreaking technology is shaking up the way property insurance claims have traditionally been settled. With the help of 3D scans, contractors and adjusters are able to communicate in a way that reduces cycle times, eliminates fraud/waste/abuse, and reduces the administrative burden of the claims process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • 3D Tours as a Technology in Restoration
  • Effect on Claims Process
  • Future of Claims Settlement