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10/1/2019 » 10/2/2019
Contents Science & Theory - Roselle, IL

10/3/2019 » 10/4/2019
Project and Risk Management Course - Roselle, IL

10/22/2019 » 10/24/2019
Water Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam - Mesa, Arizona

RIA Strictly Contents Conference Sessions
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RIA Strictly Contents Conference 2016

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The Business of Soft Contents Restoration

Soft contents, textiles, and clothing is the largest category of contents in a home and the service is one of the most profitable components of the entire restoration job.  Restoration companies that provide in-house soft contents restoration services have the ability to provide increased customer satisfaction while maximizing revenue and profitability on their existing claim volume.  In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Your options for the equipment and supplies required to do the job
  • The five most common pitfalls in soft contents restoration and how to avoid them
  • Proven business development strategies on how to use soft contents to grow your entire restoration business


Setting Your Priorities - Sales and Marketing

Every contractor needs to prioritize their sales and marketing efforts to be the most effective at getting new business and growing existing clients.  Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Are you focusing on the right clients? These are important questions that need to be answered in order to have an effective contents sales and marketing strategy.


Job Costing and Profit

In order to run a profitable company, you have to know your margins to meet overhead and profit projections if you are going to be a profitable, viable entity.  This program will review how to extract your costs from your estimate components, and create a budget vs actual for your cleaning operations.  Then using this information determine areas where you are making or losing money on your operations and help you look for areas to improve on inside of your operation, from labor to boxes to processing and create some real benchmarks for profitability.


Roles/Responsibilities of Staff

A decisive issue that can hinder the success of any content company is a lack of clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of the individuals who make up their management and production teams. Do your employees understand their roles within your operation? Are your team members aware of their specific tasks or responsibilities that they are expected to complete as a function of their roles?  When we refer to roles, we are describing essentially “who” is responsible for “what.” Roles are absolutely essential for the success of the company; without them, people do not know what they are expected to do and nothing will get done.  Again, a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities is one of the primary reasons that companies fail to produce results. In addition, it is unlikely that members will continue to be interested or invested in a company if they do not know why they are involved or what is expected of them.  Defining the roles and responsibilities should be part of your strategic plan in order to collectively accomplish the goals of your company.


High End Furniture 101

ssessions in your home make up what is defined as "contents". This includes your furniture, as well as all of the items that are in the drawers, cupboards, desks, closets, rooms and/or nooks and crannies of your home. In this session we will outline the nuances of high end furniture restoration - identifying characteristics and traits of high end furniture.  Following the basics and in classroom demonstration will be held highlighting the behind-the-scene of the different restoration techniques, including stripping and refinishing,  CDRR (Clean, Deodorize, Respray, and Rubout), and finally, simple touch-ups.


Developing Additional Profit Centers

This session will discuss identifying and developing additional profit centers in the contents restoration industry.  Rob Reynolds, Director of Operations for Stanley Restoration, L.L.C., will speak from first-hand experience as his company made the critical decision to bring several key contents services in-house in order to provide a complete turn-key solution, establish full control, and increase profits.  The risks and rewards of developing the additional profit centers of soft goods, electronics, paper and artwork cleaning will be discussed.  Furthermore, the utilization of systems to track and increase profit margins as well as the implementation of advanced restoration systems for efficiency will be covered.


Are TPA's Right for Me?

How can I use TPA’s to help diversify my business and add to my bottom line without adding additional overhead?  Along with the additional revenues, you’ll also have to work to a different set of standards, perhaps different than what you are used to.  Upsides, challenges and potential contacts will help educate you and see if this is a good fit for your business!



**Please contact Meg Czaikoski at if you would like a copy of this presentation.

There are 9 categories in Xactimate pertaining to Contents. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the items available in Xactimate as well as the uses of codes and writing a “clean” estimate. Scoping your loss and writing your estimate. Tips on how to “pre-write” and make “best educated guesses”. 


Pre-Look at Becoming a CR

The Certified Restorer (CR) Certification Program focuses on damage repair and raising committed restorers to a higher level of professional ability and is widely recognized as the pre-eminent training program in damage repair. A significant part of the CR program is content specific including the prerequisite Contents Science and Theory course.  A CR has a complete understanding of the various cleaning and restoration methods needed to clean, restore or repair damaged content. Content and structural restoration are similar, to return items to pre-loss condition.  The overall CR program will develop elite skills that a content restoration professional will utilize in their business.  Content restoration companies can leverage this certification to earn more business.  Learn from other CR’s how to market this certification to new prospects and gain that competitive edge over your competition. 

This session will provide a brief overview of the Certified Restorer program followed by an interactive panel discussion with current CR’s.


Production Goals and Tracking

Read just a handful of how-to-succeed books or articles and you're sure to come across the frequently acclaimed secret to financial success: goal setting!

Goal setting really is great advice that somehow gets overlooked in the daily operations of contents companies. Crew after crew is sent out the door without daily production goals.

Daily production targets are relatively easy to set if you invest a little thought into how to measure field productivity. Have you figured out how to measure your company's field productivity? If not, it's time to get started. Your financial wealth depends on it. Set daily goals. Properly train your staff. Monitor progress. Attend this session and learn how to reap the rewards!