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4/13/2020 » 4/17/2020
2020 International Restoration Convention + Industry Expo

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2017 October Webinar: Understanding the Core of the RIA Forensic Guidelines

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October Webinar

Understanding the Core of the RIA Forensic Guidelines  


Presenter: Michael Pinto 


Michael Pinto is the CEO of Wonder Makers Environmental; a multi-faceted organization that assists individuals dealing with indoor environmental concerns such as asbestos, lead, mold, micro-organisms, chemicals, and mysterious IAQ situations.  He is coeditor of the RIA Forensic Restoration Guidelines. Michael has earned a number of professional titles beyond his doctoral level education in environmental engineering including Certified Safety Professional, Safety Management Specialist, Certified Mold Professional, and Certified Forensic Operator.  He has authored 6 books and more than 220 published articles. During his 39 years in the industry Michael has supported the industry by volunteering  and developing guidance documents with EIA, ECA, NSC, ASTM, IICRC, RIA, CIRI, BioPTO, and others. He can be reached at 888-382-4154, or at


 Presentation Description:

Many cleaning and restoration contractors advertise assistance to people in dealing with crime and trauma scene situations. However, the true professionals position themselves to serve all the different specialty areas of the restoration industry that goes beyond crime and trauma projects, such as illicit drug labs, hoarding situations, animal infestations, assisting with the arrest vents of the outbreak of infectious diseases, and even responding to mass casualty events. Although such professionals realize that no two such cases are the same, they also understand that there is an industry accepted way to address such situations.


Having the know-how to be able to apply national guidelines to categorize specific jobs as the complexity and size of the project expands means that individuals who incorporate the RIA Forensic Restoration Guidelines into their business are truly industry leaders.


Learning about the guidelines means that if the day comes when your organization receives a call about a situation with the following details no one on your team has to wonder “are we really prepared to deal with this?” In a nutshell, the case involves:

Two brothers who, over the last decade, became more and more reclusive in their apartment. Rumors in the neighborhood suggested they had cash and valuables inside and several break-ins led to them blacking out and securing all entrances. Continued attempts the break-ins led the brothers, who had become compulsive hoarders, to set up booby traps in order to prevent people from stealing their "valuables". One brother suffered a series of health problems and was no longer able to leave the apartment. Sadly, the one sibling who was able to go out and become the caretaker fell victim to one of their own booby traps and died in the apartment condemning his brother to a slow death through starvation. Now, the family and County health authorities are looking for a qualified organization to deal with the hoarding, decomposition odors, vermin infestation, mold, potential booby-traps, and whatever else is lurking in the apartment.


Individuals who understand the Forensic Restoration Guidelines can professionally address the above scenario (which is based on a real case) because that groundbreaking document lays out how to evaluate the various risks and provides a template for addressing even the most difficult situations. Because forensic restoration is more than crime and trauma scene cleaning any restoration or cleaning contractor who currently offers services in these areas (or wants to) should attend this short webinar.