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12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
Contents Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
CMP Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

4/28/2019 » 4/30/2019
Water Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam - Mesa, Arizona

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Consumer Flyer - Static

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Do you "snap, crackle and pop" when you walk across your carpet? Do you feel a slight shock when you touch a metal object like a door knob? This is static generated by the friction from your shoe soles against the fibers in the carpet. In the spring or summer months there is usually enough humidity or moisture in the air to carry off the static charge as it forms. When the weather turns dry and the humidity is low, however, static electrification due to walking across carpet is much more likely to occur and to cause an annoying or unpleasant shock.

The tendency to generate an unpleasant static charge at lower humidity varies from fibers and carpets...

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