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12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
CMP Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
Contents Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

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Consumer Flyer - Dry Rot in Rugs & Furnishings

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Dry Rot in Rugs & Furnishings

Older textiles and furnishings, especially those with a cellulosic fiber such as cotton, flax (linen), jute and similar fibers, can slowly degrade over time — sometimes years or decades. This deterioration and weakening of the fibers leads to eventual damage that can be seen as rips, tears, slits or other structural damage in the fabric, carpet or rug. It may take a few years or decades for dry rot to manifest itself. This misnomer 'dry rot' implies that the rotting or damage took place in the absence of moisture, whereas the damage was previously done during some conditions of wetness and mildew. It is understood that although presently "dry," there were actually pre-existing conditions creating localized or smaller, concentrated areas of moisture buildup and damaging fungus growth therein. Once dry, the results are weakened fibers easily broken that have a dry appearance, feel or sound.

One condition which may have contributed to the onset of dry rot is prior, uncontrolled wetness for long periods of time...

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