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12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
CMP Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

12/11/2018 » 12/13/2018
Contents Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam - Nashville, Tennessee

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Consumer Flyer - Shedding & Pilling

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Shedding & Pilling

Shedding is the fluffing or fuzzing of short, loose fibers that remain in a new carpet after manufacture. Shedding is a normal process and does not damage the rug, nor indicate any defective condition. New carpet and rugs tend to shed loose fibers for several months. During this time, if the carpet is not vacuumed thoroughly and regularly, the fluffing may continue for as long as a year, sometimes longer. The fibers coming out are those not anchored into the back of the carpet. They are short fibers which are not tightly held in the tufts or have fallen into the pile during the shearing operation. Even though the volume of fiber lost may appear to be great, the actual amount is small when the total amount of fiber is considered. This loss will not change the wear life.

In some cases only one end of the fiber is worked out...

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