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4/13/2020 » 4/17/2020
2020 International Restoration Convention + Industry Expo

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July 2015 Webinar: Purposeful Metrics...

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Purposeful Metrics...


Presenter: Gregory Neil, Owner of Gregory Neil Associates 

Greg Neil has over 20 years’ experience as a business owner, facilitator, and consultant. Greg has had tremendous success in helping leaders reshape the skills, processes, and cultural characteristics that bring new practices for business operations to achieve their goals. His expertise in designing new ways for leaders and their teams to develop previously impossible capabilities to perform work, putting teams at the center of the process and leaving executives the freedom to design the future. His contributions to company profitability and efficiency happens through increasing productivity by unleashing each person’s greatest potential, designing practices of accountability, implementing powerful practices of reporting, tuning up metric drivers, improving meeting effectiveness, improving communication between leaders /staff, and using personality diagnostics to increase understanding and communication skills.

Presentation Description: As the saying goes, “what gets measured is what gets done”. Or, “if you want to manage it, measure it”. Time is an important commodity in every business, and how well you manage it directly impacts the effectiveness and optimal performance of each individual. The challenges many businesses face is keeping pace internally with the changing economic environment outside the business and your customers. Attitudes of complacency can slip in that sound like “that’s the way we have always done it”, producing “business as usual” habits and practices. The unwanted outcome is that gaps show up between what you provide and what your customers need and want from you. Sharpening the focus and clarifying the outcomes within each person’s accountabilities brings a better understanding of what the outcomes really are and the best way to get there. By increasing this focus, we leverage how much work each person gets done in each hour of each day. In this presentation we will create sample metrics measuring sales, marketing, and production to drive extraordinary level of performance.