Exciting Changes for RIA - Transition to New Management Company

Information about RIA's transition to a new management company and answers to frequently asked transition questions. 

RIA President's Message - A Very Serious Risk to Your Business.

A very important message about RILF and the lawsuit's progress from RIA's President, Sam Bergman.

The Restoration Industry Mourns the Loss of Rea Jones, loyal and longtime member of the Restoration Industry Association.

Read more about Rea and his dedication to the industry in Cliff Zlotnik's obituary, as read on IAQ Radio March 14, 2014. Make a donation to RILF in Rea's name by following the link above.

Update: Restoration Industry Association vs. ThermaPure, TPE Associates, and David Hedman

Rockville, Maryland – In January 2013, RIA filed suit in U.S. District Court against David Hedman and ThermaPure in an effort to invalidate a family of patents held by ThermaPure, TPE Associates, and Hedman. Many RIA members have been sued by ThermaPure and accused of infringing at least one of the patents, U.S. Patent No. 6,327,812. Additionally, many RIA members have paid to license all the patents, either as a condition of settling litigation or to avoid litigating in the first instance. 


All documentation pertinent to the suit can be accessed via the following links:


1.  Case Filings 1.2013 - 11.2013

2.  Foreign Patent Search Results

3.  Patents in Question

4.  Supporting Documents - 12.18.2013 Filing



RIA Releases Asbestos Fact Sheets - Documents provide guidance for restoration industry professionals

Rockville, MD – The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has released two fact sheets addressing asbestos issues restoration contractors may encounter in the course of their restoration projects. The fact sheets were developed by RIA’s Environmental Council to educate and protect contractors from the dangers of mishandling asbestos-containing materials. 

The comprehensive version of the fact sheet addresses asbestos-containing materials, health issues, regulations, classes of asbestos work, hazard communication, training, control measures and resources. The abridged version covers health issues, regulations and some training information.  Both versions may be downloaded for free through the RIA Store.


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