Product & Service Discounts for RIA Members

The RIA's Affinity Partner Program leverages the association's buying power to acquire significant savings for RIA members on the products and services they use every day.

Thanks to the following Affinity Partners, RIA members can save thousands of dollars through discounts and rebates on products and services. In addition to saving RIA members money, Affinity Partners help provide financial support back to the RIA based on the participation achieved in these programs. 

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Affinity Partner Discounts


Actionable Insights Discounts

RIA members can access Actionable Insights’ powerful suite of estimating tools and resources at preferred pricing: 

  • Live estimating guidance (Actionable Alerts) that leverages the Insight Sheet Database.
  • XactScope for mitigation invoicing and exterior (siding & roofing) estimating, providing rule scripts to improve estimates for both green and seasoned teams.
  • Actionable’s industry-standard default preferences.
  • Access to all Actionable Insights Macros.

RIA members get 10% off the Pro Plan for the life of their subscription.

RIA Member Access

AiME Instant Estimate Review Discounts

Instantly review your insurance restoration estimate for compliance, value, and training. AiME instantly reviews estimates providing consistent, fair, and intelligent responses to augment your ability to write and review insurance estimates for homes and businesses. AiME provides training and education, resulting in improved accuracy, completeness of scope, and improved cycle times. 

*AiME has custom responses that assist Canadian contractors in meeting the specific requirements of Canadian carriers.

RIA members receive a discount on the first six months of an AiME subscription.

RIA Member Access

Answering Service Care (ASC)

Answering Service Care (ASC) is a 24/7 live answering service for 4000+ businesses nationwide, serving nearly 1000 contractors. ASC is a third-generation family business with 50 years of experience and almost 200 employees in over 3 offices located in NJ, NC, and FL. ASC provides trained customer service professionals who can greet callers, perform lead intakes, schedule appointments, transfer calls, or relay messages directly. We get it, so you don't have to!

RIA Members receive 5% off ASC Services.


Earthvisionz Discounts

Earthvisionz Software Discounts 

Get real-time leads delivered to your inbox. Earthvisionz’s V-Alert platform provides the ability to map properties, track weather events, communicate directly with clients, and plan restoration efforts. It also has a lead generation tool where you can search for impacted properties complete with ownership information. RIA members can receive a free 30-day trial complete with platform demonstration and onboarding support. 

Access 140 alert types including all types of severe weather and natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, hail, tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards, and storm surges as well as power outages, and civil unrest. Enhanced structure fire alerts are also available, call for a quote. 

RIA members are eligible to receive a 5% discount on the annual Earthvisionz software license fee for the first year of the license.

RIA Member Access

JOC Analytics Discounts

JOC Analytics offers a collaborative, tailored data management tool called Powerview, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency for businesses. By harnessing Powerview’s advanced capabilities, JOC Analytics delivers clear, actionable reports from complex data, reducing manual effort in profitability tracking and forecasting. Powerview provides immediate access to performance metrics, uncovers inefficiencies, and offers strategic insights that save time, reduce costs, and increase profits. Clients enjoy the benefits of detailed report maintenance without the traditionally associated labor, enabling them to focus on leveraging data for business growth.

RIA members are eligible for a complimentary Sales Pulse Slide, valued at $800 when they choose to work with JOC Analytics and use their tailored data management tool Powerview

RIA Member Access

KnowHow Discounts

KnowHow is an easy-to-use, mobile and desktop app that helps restoration leaders rapidly onboard new hires, upskill their workforce, and boost productivity with expert guidance for every job. The app centralizes company how-to and best practices and with Howie, KnowHow’s AI-powered mentor by their side, workforces can skip searching through binders, calling supervisors, or panicking with unexpected on-the-job challenges. They get expert guidance in their preferred language, based on company best practices, to move forward confidently. Learn more about how KnowHow makes it easy to build, maintain, translate, and share Standard Operating Procedures at

It's never been easier to build, maintain, translate, and share Standard Operating Procedures, and for RIA Members, it's more affordable than ever. RIA Members who sign a 12-month agreement with KnowHow receive $500 off Implementation Services, or 10%, whichever is greater. 


Know Your Talents Discounts

KYT is a globally recognized people strategy consulting firm.  KYT’s expertise is centered around four key principles: helping businesses know, grow, include, and inspire their employees.  KYT has served over 300 companies in the restoration and construction industry over a 23-year tenure, helping them get to the root of what makes their employees tick, providing them a roadmap for growth, giving them a voice in their organization, and cultivating strategic alignment.

Companies come to us when….

Stuck in their growth/want to grow revenue and profits
Tired of dealing with turnover and can't seem to hire the right people
Frustrated with “quiet quitting”, want to improve employee engagement and productivity
No program for professional development and career pathway plan for employees
Leaders aren’t aligned and accountability doesn't exist
Want to improve their culture

Clients experience tremendous success and rave about our work because our approach is very different and we are game changers and get results!  

RIA Members receive a 5% discount on all Know Your Talent services. The RIA discount will also be applied for any existing KYT clients upon renewal of an ongoing contract and/or when executing new deliverables that are not currently under an existing contract.


Large Loss Mastery Discounts

The Solutions Company, LLC - Large Loss Mastery offers Large Loss Mastery Training Programs focused on the "Best Practices" of restoration that apply to all recovery projects regarding fire, water, mold, natural disaster, and construction. In 2024-25 the Large Loss Mastery Training Platform is expanding to (4) LIVE in-person courses and (3) Online training courses and our (8) hour LIVE Stream ELITE estimating Course offered through our training partner Learn to Restore. 

RIA members receive 20% off retail prices on one-of-a-kind training courses and estimating software.

RIA Member Access Discounts is an IICRC-approved school with certification classes in water damage restoration, fire & smoke restoration, odor control, contents processing, health & safety, and much more, available both online and in person! Our library of self-paced courses allows you to learn on your own time. Earn IICRC Continuing Education Credits and complete classes on your round to enrolling in one of the RIA Designations.

*IICRC Certifications are recognized worldwide and our live-stream courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, including Canada. 

RIA Members will receive a 10% discount on IICRC classes and CEC Classes. 


One Claim Solution Discounts

Getting paid is one of the most challenging aspects of running a restoration company. Justifying your costs, equipment, and labor with the insurance adjuster can be an onerous, time-consuming process. Most restoration contractors don’t have the time or bandwidth to communicate and follow up on invoices regularly. This leads to restorers settling for significantly less than they billed simply because they need to get paid.

The good news is you can enlist a billing specialist to help with the load. One Claim Solution (OCS) is that specialist – our claim advocates will work with insurance carriers on your behalf to get you paid for your restoration and mitigation work. The OCS team of highly qualified claim advocates works directly with insurance adjusters on your behalf to help you get the most out of your claim. OCS helps restorers process their insurance invoices, and work with adjusters to achieve a fair outcome that gets the restorer paid quickly and fairly. You take care of your customers, and OCS will take care of the rest.

One Claim Solution offers a 10% discount on services for one year to RIA members.

RIA Member Access

PSA Discounts

PSA is an integrated restoration management software for companies looking to increase efficiency, accountability, and profits. We have a full software solution from job management, CRM, accounting, customer communication, and analytics to call center. Today, we service over 1,500 restoration contractors, including franchise groups across North America. As a dedicated solution provider that is independently owned, we give our users a voice and the ability to drive the direction of PSA to better suit the needs of each restoration business. Our main software solutions include:

Proven Jobs
Proven OnSite
Proven CRM
Proven Call Center
Proven Accounting
Proven Analytics

View Our Product Video

RIA members enjoy 5% off the setup fee when signing up for PSA restoration management software for the first time.


Reets Drying Academy Discounts

Reets Drying Academy gives you the opportunity to train with the best! With instructors who have over 75 years of combined experience, their real-life skills will help you get the most out of your training. Reets has two great options for obtaining your restoration training and IICRC Certifications:

Online Training: Reets TV is a one-of-a-kind online water restoration training program. A combination of powerful videos and written material provides a cost-effective and convenient way to obtain restoration training. This flexible state-of-the-art training allows you to finish at a pace that works best for you. 

Classroom Training: When you attend a hands-on course at Reets, you learn cutting-edge processes in our one-of-a-kind flood house and large comfortable classroom with industry leaders. 

RIA Members enjoy a $150 discount off their first year of subscription. In addition to this amazing member benefit, once per year, Reets is also offering all RIA Members $75 off one course. 

RIA Member Access

Restoration Brokers of America Discounts

Restoration Brokers of America specializes in the sale of restoration businesses. Led by President & CEO, Gokul Padmanabhan, the RBA team specializes in valuing, marketing, and selling businesses within the restoration space by building relationships and creating connections. The RBA team is well-versed in the unique qualities that create a sellable business, and with highly qualified financial, marketing, and broker experts leveraging their specialized skills to optimize the exposure of each business. RBA is the #1 restoration broker in the country. 

In partnership with the RIA, Restoration Brokers of America offers a discount of $500 off RBA’s valuation services to RIA members. 

RIA Member Access

Sunbelt Rentals Discounts

Sunbelt Rentals is committed to being a preferred supplier to RIA and its subsidiaries, and with our National Account partnership, we can further support you with the information and resources you need. RIA members have discounted rates that ultimately result in an average 30-35% discount on most equipment. RIA independent contractor members also receive a volume allowance on rental revenue and labor charges. Invoices containing these items need to be paid within 60 days with a 5-day grace period for mail.

RIA independent contractor members whose rental volume exceeds $5000.00 and meets the payment terms will receive a 5% rebate annually.

RIA Member Access

Supreme Waste Network Discounts

Supreme Waste Network helps simplify the process for RIA members by managing everything from delivery to pick-up, handling the logistics saving time and hassle in coordination. Supreme Waste Network allows contractors to manage their job site rentals with personalized access to a team of dedicated account managers and their unique company dashboard from the field or office, ensuring the user experience is second to none.

RIA members may now receive rebates on services from Supreme Waste Network taking advantage of their one-stop-shop job rental needs.

RIA Member Access

sureti Discounts

Relieve cash-flow crunch and reduce your administrative burden with sureti! Radically reduce headaches for both front-line and administrative staff by joining the sureti Certified Restorer network. sureti helps you and your clients quickly turn insurance claim checks with mortgage lenders listed as payees into actual funds to pay you for the work you performed. sureti interacts directly with lenders on your behalf. With sureti, you can get back to doing what's most important: building and getting paid! 

RIA Members enjoy a 50% discount off the Branch Fee for New Contractors - that's just $45 for the life of your subscription.

RIA Member Access

Violand Discounts

Violand is a leading advisory service and professional training firm in the disaster restoration industry. Since 1987, VMA has provided coaching and training to thousands of restoration small businesses throughout North America and Australia.

RIA members receive a 10% discount on all Violand professional training programs, including their popular Violand Executive Summit, the Restoration Project Management Program, and Business Planning Retreats. 

RIA Member Access

Xactimate Discounts

As a member of the Restoration Industry Association, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Verisk to bring you exclusive offers on some of the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive solutions.

RIA members receive a 5% discount on the Xactimate Pro License, a 15% discount on the Restoration Manager subscription, and a 35% discount on the CBE Library license for Xactimate Classroom. Act fast! These renewal offers are limited to the first 250 members and capped at 10 per account.

RIA Member Access

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