Restoration Industry Association's Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA)

Restoration Industry Association Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA)


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The RIA Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA)

The Restoration Industry Association's Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) committee is the restoration industry’s first unified advocacy team. It seeks to unite the restoration industry and advocate for the best interests of restoration contractors nationwide, and develop and implement strategies to help create and maintain equity between restorers and insurers and their partners. The AGA committee will advocate for the financial and legal interests of restoration contractors, while working collaboratively and fairly with insurers and the other stakeholders involved in the restoration process.

Mission: A Proactive Approach to Advocacy

RIA is an association with an impressive history and pedigree. For 74 years, we have been the voice of the restoration industry, but for too long have taken a passive role in advocacy. Trade associations typically advocate for their trade and their members. This is what we should be doing now and what we should have been doing for the past 74 years. As we look towards the future, the AGA committee will be dedicated to a proactive approach to advocacy by identifying the issues and their root causes, building a strategy to address the issues, and then uniting as an industry to speak to the issues and drive positive change.

For questions, please contact RIA AGA Committee Chair Jeff Gross at

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