Restoration Industry Certifications

Restoration Industry Certifications Overview

Considered the premiere certifications within the restoration and remediation industry, the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) oversees a variety of advanced restoration certification programs. The RIA four pillar programs help you stand apart as an expert in specific areas of loss we see in the restoration industry. Once you complete the four pillar programs (Fire Loss Specialist (FLS), Water Loss Specialist (WLS), Content Loss Specialist (CLS), Environmental Restoration Specialist (ERS) you may apply for the RIA master certification - the Certified Restorer (CR). Membership in RIA is not a requirement of certification. 

RIA certificants agree to:

  • Comply with the RIA's Code of Conduct
  • Comply with trademark infringement policies
  • Maintain continuing education credits
  • Submit payment of their certification renewal fee every three years. 

Restoration Industry Available Certifications

Restoration Industry Association Certified Restorer (CR)

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Fire Damage Specialist

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Water Damage Specialist

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Restoration Industry Association Content Loss Specialist (CLS)

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FIRST Course: December 6-8, 2022, Miami, FL!

Restoration Industry Association Certified Mold Professional (CMP)

The Certified Mold Professional (CMP) Advanced Certification program's objective is to raise committed mold remediators to a higher level of professionalism. The CMP Certification emphasizes the interrelatedness of building systems and the predominance of situations where indoor environmental quality is impacted by multiple problems or contaminants.

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Maintaining Your Restoration Certification

Once you become certified, it's critical that you maintain your certification. Upon formal notification from RIA, Certificants begin their 3-year certification cycle, which runs on the calendar year. Example: The 3-year certification cycle for a professional who becomes certified in October 2018 would run from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2022. 

By taking a 3-day RIA Pillar Designation Course, you can obtain 19.5 CEC credits. 

Step 1: Obtain Continuing Education Credits

Certificants must actively pursue ongoing professional development through educational coursework, attendance at industry-related events, association involvement, presentations, mentoring and more. 

  • Certificants are required to maintain a total of 48 continuing education contact hours within their three-year certification cycle.
  • All CEC activity must be documented.
    (Examples: attendance certificates, paid receipts with course brochure, copy of ID badge with class description)
  • All CECs must be obtained within the three-year cycle. 
  • CEC contact hours exceeding the CEC hour requirements within a 3-year cycle cannot be “carried over” into the next certification cycle.

Eligible Continuing Education Programs

Step 2: Renew Your Certification

3-Year Certification Cycle
Certificants are responsible for submitting the CEC documentation and making paying their certification renewal dues in accordance with their 3-year
certification cycle.

Multiple Certifications 
If you hold multiple pillar designations, the newly gain certification will automatically be placed on the same certification cycle as the currently held certification(s). Starting with the June 30, 2019 renewal window, the renewal date of the CR would determine the renewal date for all earned certifications moving forward. For dual certificants with no CR, the default renewal date will become that of the first attained certification. Moving forward, all new dual, triple or quadruple certifications will assume the certification renewal date of the first attained certification.

Required CECs and Fees for RIA Advanced Designations
The number of CEC required and the fee required at renewal is contingent upon the number of RIA Advanced Designations achieved – CMP, WLS, FLS, ERS, CLS, CR. 

CEC Submission & Renewal Tracking Form

Questions About Renewing Your Restoration Certification? Contact the RIA Helpdesk!

The RIA Helpdesk will assist you with:

  • Renewal Invoices
  • Account Updates
  • Continuing Education Credit Awards
  • Exam Results
  • Exam Retesting
  • Research Paper/Formal Report

Your dedicated Customer Service Representative is:
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