The New RIA Strategic Plan at a Glance

C&R Editor
on Wed, 04/29/2020

The RIA Strategy

A strategic plan is a guiding light for any organization, outlining goals, value propositions, and setting the course for years to come. RIA recently underwent a strategic planning session to establish RIA’s vision, its role in the restoration industry, and the path forward.

A Clear Purpose

With its vision to be a unified voice for the restoration contractor, RIA’s mission is both simple and incredibly complex for a complex industry: educate, advocate, elevate. To serve the restoration contractor in all three capacities requires steadfast dedication and determination to provide resources, establish thought leadership, and advance an entire industry. RIA plans to accomplish that with four strategic pillars that will guide and inform all of RIA’s efforts.


Financial viability is a critical first step to ensure the long-term health of RIA. In an effort to increase and ensure RIA’s sustainability, RIA plans to leverage technology and improve the RIA website for both members and nonmembers, improving the online experience with the organization and building a destination for RIA resources. In addition to website initiatives, RIA will develop and execute a social media and marketing strategy that incorporates the latest digital marketing trends, including audience targeting, segmentation, and social retargeting to ensure that RIA is connecting with the right people in the right places. 

In addition to communications, RIA is currently revamping its committee structure to ensure committee work supports the new strategic plan and to deliver a positive and meaningful volunteer experience in leading RIA on a path to success.


With the advent of the AGA and RIA’s increased advocacy efforts, this pillar represents a critical area of focus of RIA and where RIA sees itself serving the restoration industry going forward. While advancing the AGA priorities, RIA will strive to involve more members and industry stakeholders in advocacy efforts while also supporting those efforts with a broad communications plan. In addition to implementing a social media and marketing strategy for RIA, the same will be developed with an advocacy focus, ensuring that RIA’s advocacy efforts are shared with the restoration industry at large.

Finally, in the spirit of RIA’s strategic pillar of sustainability, RIA will continue to focus on an investment strategy to ensure the long-term viability of RIA’s advocacy efforts, thereby ensuring the restoration industry has a strong voice for years to come.

Membership Growth and Engagement

As a membership association, a vital strategic component focuses on increasing membership and retaining members through engagement opportunities. RIA will take a critical look at members’ return on investment (ROI), along with communications to define RIA’s value proposition to prospective members. In addition, RIA will engage members to gather testimonials to use in marketing communications while also taking a more strategic approach to membership marketing communications. Last, RIA will better leverage its relationships with restoration companies, including franchises, to connect with prospective members in new ways.

Elevate the Industry

RIA’s goal remains to advance the restoration industry by establishing standards for restoration professionals via advanced designations, certification preparation, and education. This strategic pillar emphasizes communicating those standards to professionals, consumers, and the insurance industry, thereby elevating the industry as a whole and creating demand for reputable, highly trained restoration professionals. RIA will develop career pathways with IICRC to better articulate the career path for and value of RIA’s advanced designations. In addition, RIA will streamline the prerequisite process and education requirements for certification, establishing RIA as a trusted resource for professionals seeking to advance their career.

These strategic pillars set the stage for RIA’s future growth, helping RIA meet its mission to educate, advocate, and elevate while ensuring its long-term viability and continued camaraderie of restoration professionals.