Protectors for Oleophilic Fibers

C&R Editor
on Tue, 02/06/2018

When considering the best way to protect olephilic fibers and fabrics, cleaning professionals should focus on maximizing performance and serving the customer, rather than on profits. Olefin, polyester, and triexta carpet fibers are considered inherently stain resistant because they do not absorb liquids, and extreme soiling bonded to oils is the most difficult issue to effectively solve in these types of fibers. This means cleaning professionals need to use a protector that best limits the bonding of oil to the fibers. Surface repellency has long been oversold for use on nylon and wool carpet, but stain resistance is the most important feature needed in a protector for these fibers. However, cleaning professionals need to recognize that oil repellency is the most important feature of a protector for oleophilic carpet fibers and upholstery, and since there are customers who value protection only if it demonstrates repellency, they also need to honor their opinion by applying a surface repellent protector to nylon and wool fibers as well when requested.

Source: Cleanfax (01/01/18) Forsythe, Tom

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