The Restoration Industry Association Announces a Release of Position Statements

C&R Editor
on Fri, 10/23/2020

The Restoration Industry Association is set to release a comprehensive series of position statements that address some of its members’ most-asked questions. Each of these statements have been written and peer-reviewed by experts in the restoration industry, in order to assure that the information in them is accurate and reliable in every aspect. By creating and distributing these position statements, the RIA hopes that members will be equipped with the knowledge they need to deal with some of their more delicate, on-the-job situations.

A Sneak Peek of the First Position Statement 

The first position statement states that third parties cannot unilaterally dictate restoration procedures, scope, price, or billing. If engaged to do so, and qualified to do so, a third party may offer opinions about the work procedures, scope, price, and/or billing. Absent a direct contract with an insurer, restoration contractors are under no legal obligation to an insurer, its adjuster, or a third party.

Restorers may, in their professional discretion and judgment, accept or reject the opinions and requests from insurers and their consultants. Unless and until such opinions are mutually agreed upon by the restorer and the customer, and formally incorporated into the restoration contract or scope of required work, third party opinions have no effect on the restorer’s duties. The insurer’s consultant’s opinions are not binding on the restorer.

The Position Statements as a Whole

Overall, these new position statements cover a broad spectrum when it comes to their contents. Individual members will want to read about the issues that interest them most. Although they will not all be addressed here at once, here are some brief examples: 

  • The second position statement explains that restorers are under no obligation to modify a scope of work at the request of any third party unless and until the restorer expressly agrees to a change order.
  • The third position statement highlights that insurers and their consultants have no right to dictate a restorer's pricing methodology.
  • The seventh position statement explains that restorers are not required to provide equipment ownership information or any information or documentation to a third party unless the restorer has explicitly agreed to do so in a binding contract.

The position statements are available to RIA members here. If you are not a member, now is the time to join!

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