Xactware User License Agreement Language Restored After Restoration Industry Association’s Advocacy & Government Affairs (AGA) and Verisk Meeting

RIA Blog Editor
on Tue, 04/23/2024
Xactware User License Agreement Language Restored

On April 3, 2024, Verisk’s Property Estimating Solutions business unit (“Xactware”) updated their End User License Agreement (EULA), intending to unify all Xactware products under a single EULA. This change aimed to streamline the governance across all Xactware offerings, enhancing clarity and usability for Xactware end users. This EULA covers widely utilized products like Xactimate, which are essential for both restorers and insurers.

Historically, the Xactware EULA included language which clarified that Xactimate prices are based on historical data and are intended as baseline estimates and not definitive market values. Recognizing the potential discrepancies between these estimates and current market conditions, the EULA language previously emphasized the ability for users to adapt prices based on actual market conditions related to a particular job.

However, in the recent revision of the EULA released on April 3, some of this language was modified. While the ability for the end user to modify the pricing was still referenced, it did not include the same clarity as the prior language. This change was quickly detected by the AGA Committee, which immediately reached out to Verisk to discuss the modified language.

During an April 6 meeting between AGA and Mr. Aaron Brunko, President of Xactware, Xactware agreed to reintroduce the prior language to its EULA. Mr. Brunko also personally attended the RIA annual convention in Dallas, where he underscored the value of collaboration with market participants. Mr. Brunko emphasized that Xactware understands RIA members' needs for creating accurate estimates and maintaining fair and balanced market pricing for restorers and carriers. He reaffirmed the company's commitment to ensuring that Xactware tools deliver on restorers' operational needs and adhere to industry standard pricing research and publication methodology.

The AGA’s proactive engagement ensures that RIA members’ interests are represented, maintaining open lines of communication with key stakeholders like Xactware. This incident reaffirms the AGA’s capability to act decisively and effectively, thanks to our dedicated task forces and subcommittees.

We are committed to continuing our advocacy for the restoration industry. Your support and active participation in our association make this possible.

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