How to Provide Xactware Pricing Platform Feedback

The RIA's Advocacy & Government Affairs (AGA) Committee and Independent Pricing Task Force recognize the importance of restoration contractors being able to provide actionable feedback to various pricing software platforms. Below are tips to help you successfully submit important feedback to Xactimate. For additional AGA resources be sure to check out RIA's AGA Academy for position statements, videos and more!

Feedback can be provided to Xactimate in a variety of ways:

1. Submit Online Feedback through XactAnalysis SP  

2. Contact the Pricing Team Directly Via Email and Phone Communication

What information is helpful when providing pricing feedback?

  • Competitive labor, material, and equipment costs being charged in the market
  • Contact information for local subcontractors
  • Local material and equipment supply companies
  • Itemized bids/bills/receipts supplied by subcontractors, material, and equipment suppliers
  • Marking estimates complete in the Xactimate program

What should be avoided when providing pricing feedback?

  • Vague references to labor, material, equipment costs
  • Wish list price and/or using percentages as a reference to price
  • Vague references to local material and equipment supply companies
  • Lump sum bids/bills/receipts supplied by subcontractors and material/equipment suppliers
  • Not marking estimates complete in the Xactimate program

It is important that the estimate is marked complete in the Xactimate program.


When you are in an estimate you can mark it complete by clicking on “complete” at the bottom of the left menu as shown below:


View the video below for additional instructions for completing the estimate.

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