Pro-Claim Group Joins RIA as Enterprise Canada Member

Pro-Claim Group Joins RIA as Enterprise Canada Member


Mt. Laurel, NJ, May 2024 - The RIA is pleased to announce and formally welcome the association’s newest Enterprise Canada Member, Pro-Claim Group. RIA Enterprise Canada Membership is open to regional, national, or international companies who have single or multiple locations who are engaged in providing services involving the restoration, mitigation, reconstruction, remediation, abatement, environmental, cleaning, or similar services to the built environment or its contents. The financial support provided by RIA Enterprise Members helps support programs and services for restoration professionals including the association’s advocacy work. The RIA advocates for the interests of restoration contractors and helps create and maintain equity between restorers, insurers, and their partners.

Pro-Claim Group is the latest Enterprise Canada Member to join the RIA in advancing the restoration industry through this premier membership. The Pro-Claim Group strives to provide the ideal restoration experience and supports locals every step of the way.  At their core, the Pro-Claim Group exists to help others in need.  They work with the Social Purpose Institute and have developed a platform to ensure all our employees and partners are working towards a common goal.  As leaders in sustainability, they continue to embed their green practices into the culture of each and every company they partner with.

Tony Scott, the CEO of Pro-Claim Group says, “Having been in the industry for 40 years, I've always aspired to elevate the standards and push the boundaries of what's possible. The restoration industry has undergone significant transformations, and it's crucial that we continue to innovate and improve. As part of the RIA, we are committed to reinventing the property restoration process and challenging the status quo. We can’t do this alone; it's through collaboration with our partners and the dedicated efforts of our team that we achieve our goals. Together, we aim to create a more sustainable, efficient, and supportive industry for everyone involved."

About Pro-Claim Group

The Pro-Claim Group is a collective of restoration companies in Western Canada dedicated to reinventing the restoration industry. We challenge the status quo to improve the restoration experience for property owners whose lives have been impacted by building damage. We collaborate with our partners to find sustainable and innovative ways to help each other reach our goals to elevate the entire industry. Additionally, we support the local communities we work in, ensuring a positive impact at every step. Discover more about our transformative approach at