RIA 2021 Fall Technical Conference









Registration Fees:
Member: $250
Non-Member: $450


Who Should Attend?

This one-day program will cover a range of timely topics designed to give you practical tools, skills and knowledge to apply to your restoration projects. If you're a restoration project manager or estimator, you won't want to miss this event!


Program Overview

11:00 AM EDT Welcome 
Josh Miller, RIA Education Committee Chair
11:05 AM EDT

How to Run Commercial & Complex Losses
Speakers: Klark Brown & Craig Powers

This session will help project managers understand the baseline resources needed to successfully run commercial and complex losses. You'll learn how to determine the size of loss you can take on, what types of relationships are needed with subcontractors, and how to set yourself up for success.

11:40 PM EDT

Project Assessment: PACM and What We Don't Know!!!
Speaker: David Hodge

Since this can be an area of contention, let's see what the Federal Law states about asbestos and see if we actually know what we thought we knew!! Should drywall and joint compound installed in 1975 be Presumed Asbestos Containing Material? Many will say yes, but what does OSHA say? Where did the magic number of 1980 come from and is that even correct? Where do we go to find the correct information and not depend on our own interpretations (often misinterpreted)? Let's look at the actual laws and compare them with the additional Letters of Interpretation to see if we are missing anything and what we are missing.

12:20 PM EDT

Should You Use Moisture Documentation Software? 
Speaker: Jeremy Reets, Josh Smith, Bob Timmel, and Jeremy Newman

A spirited discussion by an expert panel of experienced restorers will highlight the pros and cons of moisture documentation software to help you make a decision about this important question in water restoration. To ensure a balanced discussion, each position will be represented by a restorer experienced in the use of the software on the market today. You will leave with a better understanding of whether you should use moisture documentation software.

1:15 PM EDT

Using Technology for the Best Possible Outcome in the Claims Process
Moderator: Michelle Blevins
Panel: Adam Sanborn & Ryan Pilota

Learn from fellow project managers & estimators on how they have successfully used technology including Xactimate Mobile Sketch, Matterport, and Docusketch to create the scope of work. You will learn how to improve your skills using these technologies and what value the technology has for the industry.

1:40 PM EDT

What's in Overhead? Is 10% Enough?
Speaker: Debbie Bogar

Expand your knowledge of basic financial management guidelines and what goes into calculating overhead. Learn how to evaluate the cost of goods sold, overhead and gross margin for jobs; get a better understanding of how sub bids work, and determine the difference between markup and margin.

2:20 PM EDT

Soft Skills for Working with Customers and Running Your Crews
Speaker: Annissa Coy

Gain real-world strategies and examples for how to positively lead your crew and develop a culture of strong customer service throughout the team.

3:00 PM EDT

Fostering Accountability & Clear Lines of Communication         
Speaker: Brad Heise      

Learn how internal communication strategies can foster effective communication and accountability.

3:40 PM EDT

Addressing Burnout: How to Manage Priorities and Increase Quality of Life
Speaker: Tim Williamson

This presentation will explore the F.A.S.T Lane, discover what contributes to burnout, and learn a simple strategy to help you avoid burnout.

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