Standard Operating Procedures that Scale: Reducing the Struggle of Mapping, Implementation, and Team Buy-In.

A universal issue for many restoration companies is creating and implementing scalable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) across the company for employees to consistently adopt. When your team is small, employees tend to approach challenges and tasks individually; but at scale, each one of these variations creates massive bottlenecks that cost you money and slows your team down. Join us to learn best practices for how to map out and create your company's SOPs, how to get employee buy-in, and how to use technology to help reinforce and systematize your processes. 

i.   Why SOPS are necessary and ROI
ii.   Easy shortcuts to mapping these and creating them (cheat sheet)
iii.  Implementation and Adoption (how to create buy-in)
iv.  Technology reinforcements and how to systematize
v.   Question and answers

Participants will learn how to create a concise plan to implement SOPs, How to get buy-in, and how to back SOPs with Technology