Restoration Industry Association Contents Loss Specialist (CLS) Certification Program

RIA’s new Contents Loss Specialist Advanced Certification Program is one of the four pillars of the enhanced Certified Restorer (CR) program

The course assists Contents Restoration Specialists across the country and internationally. A training program that is not only top of the line as far as content, but also brings a systematic approach to the way contents are dealt with in general.

With the completion of this 3-day course, you will be granted 19.5 CEC credits. 



Step 1: Meet Pre-Qualifying Requirements (Education & Work Experience)

  • High school diploma or equivalent education 
  • Training school that teaches courses similar to contents and restoration
  • Five years of verifiable work experience or three years verifiable supervisory experience, project supervisor, estimator, consultant, inspector, restoration company manager, facility manager, restoration instructor. 

Step 2: Complete the Content Loss Specialist Prerequisite Courses


All 2022 candidates and beyond have 30-days prior to the course to complete the required prerequisites in order to become certified. If you have any questions, please contact us at for upcoming course offerings and assistance. 

To be eligible to receive the CLS certification, candidates must complete the course requirements in each of the following domains. A certificate of completion will be required as verification that each domain requirement has been satisfied.


Prerequisite Course

Domain #1
Basic Skills in Contents Restoration
(minimum of 17 contact hours) 

Domain #2
Restoration Training
(minimum 24 contact hours)

Any of the following IICRC Courses:

Domain #3
Health and Safety
(minimum 12 contact hours)

Domain #4
Project Management  and  Commercial  Contents
(minimum 14 contact hours) 

Domain #5
Building Science

  • No specific study required for this domain 

Domain #6
Microbial Remediation
(minimum 14 contact hours)

Domain #7
(minimum 12 contact hours)


Step 3: Take the CLS Prep Course and Exam

Register for the next CLS course and exam. Be prepared to upload the following documents with your application:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation (from immediate Supervisor)
  • Certificate of completion for each domain of prerequisite courses

This is the final course for those pursuing their RIA advanced certification, the Contents Loss Specialist, and incorporates lectures, specialized presentations from subject matter experts in their field, case studies and group study work.

Step 4: Complete the Content Loss Specialist Formal Report

Bring a draft of your Formal Report to the CLS Course and receive immediate guidance and advice. Finalize your Formal Report within 180 days of completing the course. 

Restoration Content Loss Reference Documents