RIA Advanced Designation Courses

RIA's Advanced Designation program is the perfect way to get ahead in the restoration industry by becoming a Certified Restorer (CR), Fire Loss Specialist (FLS), Content Loss Specialist (CLS), Water Loss Specialist (WLS), and Environmental Risk Specialist (ERS). Have questions? Contact us at 856-439-9222.


Content Loss Specialist

Contents Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam

The RIA Contents Loss Specialist (CLS) course, assists Contents Restoration Specialists across the country and internationally. The RIA CLS is a training program that is not only top of the line as far as content but also brings a systematic approach to the way contents are dealt with in general. This program is recognized as the best of its kind and incorporates lectures, specialized presentations from subject matter experts in their field, case studies, and group study work.

2024 Date: October 9-11 in St. Louis, MO

2024 Course Details

Fire Loss Specialist

Fire Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam

The Fire Loss Specialist (FLS) course covers a wide array of subjects, including working with contracts, ethics, project management, report writing, consulting in the discipline of fire damage, and more! This designation is for those individuals who wish to advance their careers and become a recognized subject matter expert in advanced fire restoration.

2024 Dates: December 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV

2024 Course Details

Water Loss Specialist

Water Loss Specialist Prep Course & Exam 

The RIA Water Loss Specialist (WLS) course incorporates a wide variety of vetted industry-related courses representing the four major Domains of Knowledge as part of its pre-requisite course requirements. Like all RIA advanced certification programs, the WLS includes a rigorous course of self-study, combined with live instruction from well-known industry leaders. The RIA WLS is recognized as the premier achievement of excellence in water loss restoration!

2024 Date: September 11 - 13 in Langhorne, PA

2024 Course Details

Environmental Risk Specialist Prep Course & Exam 

The NEW RIA the Environmental Risk Specialist (ERS) course will prepare the Environmental Specialist to navigate resources, industry guidelines, and regulations.  This RIA program provides the student with awareness and understanding of the environmental hazards, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE), and risks associated with disaster sites.  This course is an excellent opportunity for students in the industry to gain a fundamental understanding of evaluating front-end risks associated with such events!

2024 Date: October 2-4 in Chicago, IL

2024 Course Details

Certified Restorer Prep Course & Exam 

This is the final course for those pursuing their RIA advanced certification, the Certified Restorer (CR), The updated CR program is being developed for release in 2024 and will focus on key principles of leadership, management and ethical conduct for restoration professionals. Building upon the technical knowledge gained in RIA’s pillar designations (WLS, FLS, CLS & ERS), students will apply and effectively communicate that knowledge in real-world scenarios, including report writing and file review. The course will also enhance students’ understanding of the insurance claims process, and large loss management and will introduce concepts related to providing expert witness testimony, consulting, and serving as a third-party peer reviewer.

More information on the availability of the CR Course COMING SOON!



RIA Designation Prerequisite Courses


RIA Building Construction & Science On-Demand Course

Do you still need your Domain #5 Building Science prerequisite for the Fire Loss Specialist (FLS) or Water Loss Specialist (WLS) designations? Here it is! This virtual, on-demand 2 part course consists of an in-depth study of different structural building components, their correct assembly, and the relationship between the systems and the intended use of the structure. 

The multi-hour recording covers topics ranging from framing, roofing, floor and finish materials, exterior finishes, foundations, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, damage investigation, and more. The RIA Building Science course provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of constructions and how they interact together to make the structure behave like a system. 13 CEs available for completion. 

AvailablE nOW online!

RIA Project Management On-Demand Course

RIA’s Project Management Course brings a restoration professional through the full life cycle and flow of a project; from when the phone rings to cashing the check. This course centers around the framework of project management but relates the information back to the industry in a very relevant way that would benefit any project manager. The Project Management course is a prerequisite for RIA advanced designations. 

By focusing on the first five steps of a project life-cycle (Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Project Performance, Project Close), this relatable course gives students tips and tricks to enhance their understanding of how to think ahead, plan effectively, and manage a well- organized and successful project. 13 CEs available for completion.


RIA Contents Science & Theory On-Demand Course

Do you need your CLS Domain #1 prerequisite? You're in luck! This virtual, on-demand course consists of five recorded segments and quizzes. The CS&T comprehensive course content is 98% applicable to anything the restoration professional may encounter, dealing with the science of how to restore personal property damaged due to fire, smoke, flood or disaster. 5 CEs available for completion.

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