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2020 Q1

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What goes up, must come down. It’s true of balloons and it’s true of the economy. As a business owner, a recession is a scary thing — and something that can be challenging to predict.
During the 2020 Virtual Conference, a new strategic plan was announced that seeks to establish a unified voice for the restoration contractor by upholding the 4 mission pillars.
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Xactimate has requested pricing feedback from contractors in support of the increased demand for hazardous clean-up and remediation services. It is imperative that restoration contractors provide this information so that pricing will be updated with current information. 
This is an industry published guidance document designed to assist property owners returning to fire-affected properties.
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Education and training are valuable. They help set standards for what is to be expected from professionals, build credibility, and play a vital role in succeeding in any industry.

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) hosted its third Industry Briefing in partnership with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) on April 2nd to sh

I think we need to address the 900-lb. gorilla, even if it only weighs 0.01 femtograms (that’s 10 attograms), Covid-19.
The NFIB Research Center’s new survey on the current impact of the coronavirus outbreak on small businesses found that while most small businesses are not currently impacted, owners are concerned about future disruptions if the outbreak continues to escalate.
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The restoration industry has extensive experience in assisting individuals and organizations when their lives have been disrupted by catastrophic events such as floods and fires. Therefore, it is no surprise that clients are turning to restoration professionals to assist them in properly responding to the coronavirus pandemic referred to as COVID-19.